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Simple Ultrasound/Stim Error Code Testing Tips

Chattanooga Intelect Legend Series Ultrasound units have been used rehab centers for many years. They are rugged and have been known for their excellent clinical durability and ease of use but occasionally these units will experience issues with Applicators or internal components.

See below for several simple testing tips for these models.

  • “HHH” shown on display in Head Warming mode usually means that the Applicator is extremely inefficient and needs to be recalibrated by an experienced technician.
  • “HHH” shown on display during treatment means the head is too hot possibly due to poor coupling(contact) to the skin. In this case the part that could be bad is the Applicator.
  • “HHH” shown on the display can also mean that the Applicator is shorted and should not be used and should be replaced.
  • Error codes E03, E04, E07, and E08 when starting up or after selecting US means there are communication issues between the Applicator and the Ultrasound Generator Board. If swapping Applicators does not resolve the problem, the Ultrasound Generator Board is defective.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, an experienced medical equipment support company can help diagnose these problems and quickly get your unit back to patient-ready condition. Acela medical can help greater Atlanta-area Rehab centers with their Chattanooga Ultrasound/Stim equipment.  Contact us for a free site survey today!

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