Acela Medical services Medical, Dental and Veterinary equipment in the greater Atlanta area.   If your bed doesn’t move or is making loud noises while it’s moving, it might be time to schedule an on-site hospital bed repair service to check for leaks, adjust internal wear parts or replace broken parts.  Our OEM replacement parts will get your bed up and running in no time so you can see patients sooner.

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Hospital Beds

Common Issues:

Acela has experienced technicians who can repair a wide variety of beds from various manufacturers such as Hill-Rom, Midmark and many others.  Keep your bed operating safely with our on-site repair service for simple to moderate repairs.  We also provide project management services for off-site bed refurbishment including freight management and installation testing.

To avoid unexpected downtime and costly repairs, have Acela perform a preventive maintenance service annually.

Our On-Site Hospital Bed Repair Services include:

Medical Equipment Repair - Hospital Beds

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