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Free Site Surveys for our Greater Atlanta, GA Clients

How can Acela help with your equipment challenges????  For starters, we offer free site surveys to give you a 2nd set of eyes on your equipment.  Site surveys are a great economical way to help avoid costly future repairs by identifying and addressing small, less costly repairs now vs more expensive repairs later.  Just like maintaining your car so you don’t have big repair bills in the future; Acela can help to identify and head off unexpected and expensive repairs.

Benefits include:

  • Free Survey if your facility is located in the Greater Atlanta, GA Area.
  • Free Equipment Health Report.
  • Heads up for maintenance issues that may need advanced planning and coordination.
  • Allows you to manage equipment availability gaps due to unexpected issues.
  • Free tips to extend the ROI of your equipment.


What other ways can Acela help provide better equipment services for your facility? Please let us know or just give us a call.

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