Acela Medical serves many surgical and healthcare facilities in the Atlanta area with sales and service solutions. We make medical equipment available with simple business processes and dedicated services.

Acela Medical is the leader in medical equipment support and  provides biomedical services to healthcare facilities, medical equipment re-sellers, and independent service providers of various sizes. Our company has brought together innovative and proprietary technical expertise from the high tech industries of electronic manufacturing, aeronautics, biomedical engineering, and military applications to take the repair of medical equipment to the next level in quality, turn-around, and service.

Acela Medical also provides equipment to facilities across the country. We specialize in selling infusion pumps, ventilators, patient monitors, beds and more. We offer biomedical services, ensuring equipment is always tested, clean, and patient ready.

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Acela Medical is committed to providing prompt, consistent, and reliable, class-leading Quality Services in all areas of operation, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction by understanding of the needs and expectations of its customers, and complying with and continually improving the Quality Management System through the achievement of our quality objectives.

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