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Acela Medical provides hospital bed rentals in Atlanta, GA, to give a solution to those patients seeking improved comfort after surgery or other medical procedures.  Rented hospital beds can provide better sleep and can also make patient care a lot easier and less stressful for caregivers. Also with the right bed, it’s easier to age in place in your home.

There are many advantages to rented hospital beds vs regular beds. For instance, they can be adjusted, enabling you to raise the head and the foot of the bed. Height can also be adjusted, and since they are on wheels, they can be very convenient to move around the home for certain situations. Since most are twin bed XL-sized, they often fit better in a home setting and can provide extra room for caregivers to reach both sides.

Above all, some patients prefer medical bed rentals instead of buying them due to cost savings.  Acela Medical offers competitive rates for your short-term or long-term hospital bed, patient lift, and other home health equipment rental needs.

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Easy, Convenient, Affordable

All rental hospital beds from Acela Medical arrive patient-ready and are conveniently installed.  Our experienced technicians will go over all equipment functions with you to ensure that you are familiar with them.

Long and Short term rental time periods to meet your needs.  

With our focus on the Atlanta area, Acela Medical can provide patients and care givers with flexible and convenient rental services.  Our technicians save you time and money while providing exceptional care with the goal of exceeding your expectations.  

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  • Household or Patient Tobacco User(s)

  • Weight greater than 350lbs?

  • Choose from our great selection of Invacare and Drive Electric Beds. Our Invacare G5510 include 1/2 side rails, a standard mattress and a sturdy metal slat bottom - no springs. Drive Beds include 1/2 side rails, our standard mattress pad and a spring bottom.

  • Choose from Good, Better or Best Comfort. Improve patient comfort over our standard mattress pads with these great options. Our gel topper goes over the standard mattress pad. Air Mattress Pads goes over the standard mattress pad and provides alternating bladder inflation comfort. The Full Air Mattress replaces the standard mattress pad and gives the best overall patient comfort.

  • Our sheet sets and large under pads improve caregiver peace of mind. You provide the pillow and we'll bring the bed, sheets and pads. We'll even make the bed! 🙂

  • Our electric patient lifts conveniently help caregivers move patients.

  • Choose from several sling size and configuration options.

Invacare G5510 Bed At Home

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Our Beds - We only Offer Fully Electric Hospital Beds

Our fully electric beds are a great choice for patient who need all axes of up/down movement – head, foot, bed.  No manual cranking is required.  Simply press the the corresponding button to raise and lower the head, feet or the whole bed. 

Invacare G5510 Bed with Mattress and Rails
Invacare G5510 Hospital Bed Remote

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