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The medical industry is expensive to manage and maintain, especially when it comes to technology. Imaging machines, testing devices, and surgical equipment all come with a cost. That’s why many suppliers offer the option of leasing equipment rather than buying it. Here are the major benefits of renting medical equipment.

Save Money in the Long Run

When you rent anything, you pay in small installments. Instead of buying a machine outright with a down payment, you can settle into the easier path of renting. Equipment leases for medical facilities also qualify as a deductible expense that can afford businesses a tax break with the IRS. These two items alone will save money that would otherwise go into purchasing an entire machine.

Access to the Latest and Greatest

Though new tech is always coming to the market, it’s not easy to get your hands on it quickly. Leasing medical equipment means that you can trade in older devices for the newer versions as they come out. Instead of buying one model that will quickly become outdated, you can invest in a company that maintains an inventory of top-notch equipment. Depending on the terms of your lease, you may be able to turn in the machine for the newer version when it becomes available.

Forget About Maintenance Payments

Renting another company’s medical equipment means that you aren’t responsible for the maintenance costs. Most medical facilities already manage hundreds or thousands of patients, so not needing to manage equipment care on top of that is incredibly helpful. You should always check the lease terms to understand what the supplier will and will not service, especially if problems happen due to misuse. Scheduled preventive maintenance should be a part of your package.

Understanding the major benefits of renting medical equipment helps medical businesses maximize their budgets and help the most people. Check out our selection at Acela Medical; our team can help you with medical equipment sales and service.