Your Partner in the Asset Service Process: Deinstall, Remove, Liquidate (DRL)

Partner with us to coordinate your facility close-out.  We offer a way to take control of your medical equipment resale program and not depend on brokers and internet equipment marketing companies.  Acela Medical literally takes problem assets out of your hands and free up space to help improve your facility.  We can deinstall, remove and liquidate your equipment for maximum return with minimum work.

Save time, money, storage space, and take the stress off of hospital and surgery center staff and support personnel.

Our Used Medical Equipment Programs include:


We eliminate the inconvenient and time consuming process of dealing with multiple buyers and brokers.  This is our clean-sweep program where we take all of your equipment and consumables and leave you with a clean, ready to move out facility or area.  Acela Medical handles all of your surplus medical equipment at once by managing the entire process from start to finish as well as paying you up front for your equipment.  We are here to help you navigate smoothly through a seamless transition between the old and new.



Our Consignment Program allows you to focus on organizational, personnel and patient issues while we handle your surplus medical equipment inventory.  We manage your equipment auctions and sales, as well as coordinate storage, staging and removal.  Our knowledgeable sales force markets your equipment to our extensive list of buyers as well as holds live on-line sales auctions which enable you to capture max value from your equipment. Not only do we completely eliminate the frustration of the selling process for you, we also help reduce the associated logistical challenges with equipment and other administrative costs.

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