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Proactively repairing Exam Tables reduces risk and improves patient satisfaction

Most clinics and surgical centers have any number of exam tables which operate for years and years without issue.  Over the years, time takes it toll on some of the critical parts of these often overlooked medical equipment assets.  Most of these parts have been discontinued or are hard to find.   

Below are some of the common issues we see when working on examination tables.

Midmark 404 Exam Table Problems
Midmark 404 Exam Table Problems

Acela can help by:

  • Performing a simple site audit to identify any tables that may need repairs
  • Eliminating the need to replace large, heavy and bulky exam tables by sourcing hard to find parts
  • Conveniently repairing tables on-site during off-hours

Facilities can:

  • Realize exam table maintenance cost savings of over 80% compared to replacing the table with a refurbished one
  • Provide a better patient experience and reduce risks associated with unexpected movement or operation of exam tables

If you’re looking for more information on medical equipment repair, then the experts at Acela Medical are just a call away!

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