Submitting Prescriptions

Why Do We Request Prescriptions?

At Acela Medical we would like to make the ordering or rental process as simple as possible. However, some products will require a prescription. There could be a few reasons why the product you wish to purchase or rent requires a prescription. First, the manufacturer may require that their products are only sold with a valid prescription. This is usually the case with products that will require a doctor’s direction to use properly and to know which items to purchase. In other cases, a prescription is required by state or federal laws for the product category and classification.

How Do I Submit My Prescription?

You can submit your prescription to us in a few ways. You can fax, email, mail, or text the prescription to us. The phone number and email address for this option will pop up when placing your order. Another option is to simply upload your prescription when placing the order. This is recommended as it is the quickest way for us to receive your prescription information. Lastly, if you do not have a copy of your prescription but your doctor has one on file, we can send your doctor an rx referral sheet. Simply provide us with the doctor’s contact information.

Send Rx Electronically

Acela Medical

Text: (770) 371-8661

Tel: (800) 988-2148


Upload Your Prescription

For the quickest turn around give us your name and upload an image or PDF of your prescription right here. Our team will have access to it right away. We cannot charge your card or ship your order until we receive a valid prescription.

Types of Products Requiring Prescriptions

The types of products that typically require a prescription include (but are not limited to) IV supplies, oxygen concentrators, CPAP/BiPAP/APAP machines, restraints, and sometimes needles. 

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